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Backup to Disk and to Tape

Created: 04 May 2012 | 3 comments

I have any enviroment with both Physical and Virtual (VMware) servers

I want to backup to both disk and tape.

I have no fiber in the enviroment so I don't see FT w/SAN client being an option

So I think that leaves me with a SAN media server.  But since the SAN media server can only backup itself does that mean I would have to make every VM/Physical server I want backed up both a Nebackup Server and a Media Server.   If that is the case that could get ugly very fast.

Were would the SSO fall into place. 

It seems I need the tape library license as well.

If I have 200 servers does that really mean I need

200 backup servers, yikes. 

It seems without fiber Netbackup enviroment could get fugly fast.

I realize there are modules that could speed backup up.  The thing is, if I go with Net Backup, I dont' want to end up with 1000 different modules during the initial implementation

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You can backup these clients across the network.

Have a media server with the drives attached, then send the backup data across the network to this media server.

Just because you cannot share the drives, does not mean you have a SAN media server option only. San media server is a server thay is only licensed to back itself up - useful for backing up application servers as you pay less for the license.

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I would enagage a Symantec Partner who can do the design for you.

This will save you money in the long run.

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I think is a setup issue, normaly the data flows from the client to the media server direct to disk using a SLP, than the SLP will duplicate the data to Tape automatically, so basically configure an SLP, include the disk DSSU to run the backups and STU to run the duplicates and you'll be fine.

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