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Backup Disk to Disk to Disk

Created: 27 Sep 2013 | 4 comments


Just wondering if its possible to do a "disk to disk to disk" backup scenario?

What i want to do is have a decidated backup server with a large internal hard drive array, perform an intial backup over night to that, and then once it completes do another backup to an external hard drive.

I know this can kinda be done already by have two backup jobs.

Job 1. Backup the server to the backup server

Job 2. Backup the backup server data to USB Drives

But that means i've essentially backing up backed up data... if that makes sense.

What i almost want to do is a simple copy from the backup server to the USB drives...but i would like that to be done all through backup exec (without the use of scripts preferably.


Peter Sheridan

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Colin Weaver's picture

same way you would do disk to disk to tape

i.e. backup original data to the fixed disk target, then setup a duplicate stage to take the same data to the USB disk target.

Peter Sheridan's picture

oh... that looks easy!

So the duplicate job, that doesn't involve the servers at all, it simple duplicates the data from the original backup destination, to another backup destination?

pkh's picture

Yes.  Note that you should not do a backup of your disk storage to another storage.  Always duplicate your backup sets.