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Backup Disk full and no media sets

Created: 10 Sep 2013 | 2 comments


I'm setting up a new BE 2012 server with a disk backup.  I've set the backup job properties to Keep for 1 hour.  Despite that the disk has filled up and backups no longer run because of the full disk. 
I'm thinking Media sets are the way to get backupexec to purge space on this disk as needed but there are no Media Sets.  On the other backupexec 2012 server I manage under the Storage tab there are Media sets I'm able to assign storage to. On this problem server there are no Media Sets.  How can I create Media sets with backupexec 2012.  This used to be easy to do with previous version of backupexec but it seems to be hidden somewhere in 2012.



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In BE 2012, DLM is used to manage backup sets on Disk Storage and not media sets. (Media sets apply to other types of storage such as Tape library/drives)

Have a look @ these articles/post regarding DLM -

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In the Storage tab under the backup sets do you see the backup sets which are expired , if yes I am guessing the Sp2 is missing.

Please run a live update to patch backup exec and see if the expired media is deleted to create more space,.

Media set concept is only for tapes and Data Life Cycle management process applies to disk storage (new change in 2012)

Storage reclamation depends on the retention time that you have specified in the job , once the backup set is expired, in the next DLM cycle that data is deleted from the source (Every 4 hours or if a low disk threshold is generated)

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