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Backup to disk set to OPP 0 and APP 0 but backup still retains 2 days data

Created: 30 Dec 2012 • Updated: 15 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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Dear Community,

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.


My backup (Backup vm daily) is set to backup to disk with an OPP and APP of 0 and then upon job completion, it is duplicated to tape.


I am still able to see  my VM which is backed up 2 days ago. Why is that so? If my understanding is correct, I should only be able to see data which is backed up the previous day only.

This has been an ongoing problem all along but lately, my storage is out of space hence i have decided to post the issue here. Did I mis-configure or is this a bug or?

Advice appreciated please. 

I have attached the logs and my backup exec version is 2010 R3

Happy new year!

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1) Go to Tools ---> Options ----> Media Management and check that your Overwrite Protection Level is set to either Partial or Full.

2) Check that you have set this option

3) set your OPP and AP to 1 hour.  I had funny results when I set them to 0 hours.

Note that if everything is working correctly, setting the OPP to either 0 or 1 hour means that the backup will get overwritten every night.  That is, you would not see the previous day's backup set.  You might as well just do the backup straight to tape and forget about backing up to disk.

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Symantec Tech support not recommending to set the OPP to 0 it will works fine for one time and after it will be the reason of many issues

change it please to other level as the previous post mentionned ,

please keep this document under hand it will be useful for u in the futur :

if you are facing other issues just let me know

Good luck

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I tried the settings. 

I am still seeing 2 days worth of backup.

Any more advise please?

As attached are the settings.

Data_Kept_for_2_days.JPG Settings.JPG
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You should set your Overwrite Protection Level to either Partial or Full.  A None setting means that OPP and AP do not apply.

Also, when you change the OPP, the existing media are not deleted, but they are recycled.  Hence if you have 3 media you are going to see them in your restore selection screen.  What you should do is to start with a clean slate and delete the media using this procedure

1) In the Media tab, move all the media to the Retired media set

2) right-click on the media and select delete.  This will delete the media from BE.

3) Use Windows Explorer and delete the media from your disk.

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I have updated my comment above.  Do read it again.

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I do not have chance to test the above solution because of some reasons. 

Will mark the above as solution.

Thank you very much!