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backup DLO files to storage without encryption and codec

Created: 11 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

Hello support, I need a solution for my environment. I have DLO 7.0 and for repository I have a storage EMC Data Domain, EMC DD has a deduplication feature very important.

In my profile of DLO 7.0 I disable all option from my backup selection:

When I run a backup of one LAPTOP with DLO Agent in my EMC DD I don't see the best deduplication, in the logs of DD says me that some files was copied with a CODEC and this files can not be deduplicated.

Somebody know if DLO put a CODEC or something on the files are backuped?
How can I send all files from DLO agent to my DD directly to apply deduplication?


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I don't think you can except DLO when backup to EMC will give deduplication ratio and will not be right too as BE Without DeDuplication (and not using DLO either) is a file level product as such a change to the file = backup the whole file.

Deduplication however compares blocks of data within the file to see if we already have that block protected

Note: DLO does delta backups within the PST itself (at mail message level) - so would achieve a similar thing ,taken from link below,
Moreover about encryption

By default, DLO encrypts the users data on the Network User Data Folder (NUDF) when backing up user files. When a user is added to the DLO server, a decryption key is created and added to the DLO database. This key is unique to that user and if the database is lost for some reason and the data still exists, it can be restored via the "EmergencyRestore" command. Taken from link below.



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Thanks for your answer. If I understand all backups from BE 2012 without  deduplicacion with storage EMC Data Domain works ok, but DLO works different of BE2012, is right?
if I disable the encryption option on DLO, Data Domian deduplicate something, is not the better deduplication. The support of EMC says me that all files are received by Data Domain with a codec, this is the problem because Data Domain can not apply the best deduplication. this is the point to solve if is possible.
Any sugestion?


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I have more or less the same "issue", I wanted to have network replicated folders & files unencrypted to be able to backup and index them.

As is, even if I unselect all the options, files are always encrypted, so I backup unusable files.

Funny thing is that you can always manualy restore the file with the restoration key. So what is the gain to keep the file encrypted ? Maybe just locking the target folder should be enough ?

DLO was supposed to be an integrated option of both BE and NBU : only marketing ?
Do Symantec plan to release a new product/option for backup software ?

Thanks for your feedback,