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Backup Excec suddenly not overwriting tapes

Created: 29 Nov 2012 | 4 comments


I'm using Backup Exec 2010 and am backing up to tape. I have the backup set to append and if not appendable to overwrite. I have no overwrite protection on the tapes and they're all set to be appendable.

My backups have been working fine up until recently where the last few have asked me to insert overwritable media just as they start. Nothing has changed so I'm unsure as to why my tapes have suddenly become non-writable. As I've said, all my settings are the same so I'm not really sure what to check.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Please go to tools-option-media managment-in that partial should be selected and "Use recycled media before scratch media" ensure this boxes are selected.



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I have no overwrite protection on the tapes

Why?  This is rather dangerous.  You have no assurance that your data would not be overwritten.  What is the point of doing backups if you cannot be assured that the backup is available when you need it.  You should protect your data by setting a reasonable OPP.

You should go to Tools ---> Options ---> Data Managment and check that the Overwrite Protection Level is set to either Partial or Full.  If this is set to None, you can get funny results.

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Thanks, I will try that and see if tonights backup works.

We don't put overwrite protection on because we overwrite the tapes regularly. Our backup cycle goes:













I guess I could put a 4 week protection on the Friday ones though.

We backup to hard drives on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Is it possible the backup size has exceeded the size of the media?  This would cause multiple tapes to be used for a single job or more than expected tapes for a single job.  Therefore less media would naturally be eligible for an overwrite.