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Backup Exchange 2003 and updating catalog too long

Created: 17 May 2013 | 7 comments

Dear all,

We recently upgrade to BE 2012 and switch the backup from our old backup server BE 11d to the new one.

We found that the BE 2012 backup exchange 2003 run successfully but the update catalog take very long time to process.

It was already used 20+ hours and still running.

Is there any way to solve this problems.

Thanks in advance

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I am having the same issue, I have had backup job catalog updates run for days with no signs of progress, and I was unable to cancel the jobs by normal means. The backups jobs start off running fine, but when the backup job starts cataloging, it slows down dramtically. And, the only way I am able to cancel the jobs are by restarting the backup exec services. I have not had a successful backup for over a month, and technical support overseas is a joke. I called them on four seprate occasions, with no success. One technician called me and when I told him I was still having the same issue, he told me he would call me back in an hour after he would read over the notes. Well, I am still waiting on his call.

The ticket I open was closed without my concent and I had to call symantec to reopen the ticket, basically starting over again. I used the same case number to reopen the ticket, and recevied a call today. The technician seemed like he didn't want to help, so when he asked me what was going on, I new there was no hope. I am not sure if he was able to read the notes from the previous technician, or if the previous technician left notes, but I could not believe it. I spent alot of money on a dud program.

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, please someone in the United States help me. I have asked the overseas technician to transfer me to a US Techician, and I keep being placed in a queue that is answered by an overseas technicians. Seems like I have been ripped off by Symantec. HEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!

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What version are your referring to? Backup Exec 2012? If so, I am running it.

CraigV's picture the tag for the version of BE and what the OP states before pasting the wrong information.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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We just installed the new backup server last week and make sure no further update after install. :(

Yes, we are using be2012 too.

Thank you very much

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Appoligies I meant to install the available updates and also make sure you update the remote agent as well.

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After checked with the BE server with Live update no further update is available in this moment.

I tried to split the backup job into 2.

One only backup all drive and system state on the exchange server which is completed fast and successful.

One only backup the information store, the speed is super slow only 107MB/s and we don't know will it successful or not as it still running.

Any other possible solution for us to solve the problems on backup exchange server?

Thanks in advance