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Backup Exec 10

Created: 29 Dec 2008 • Updated: 05 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
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We have recently aquired a new server farm and DR system, BackupExec for Windows V.10. The previous IT support is no longer with the company thus I cannot ask them this question.

Backup Exec 10 - tools - options - Media Management - Media overwrite protection level is set to "none".

There are B2D (backup 2 disk) jobs and Backup to tape jobs setup. All media (tapes and B2D files) are showing to be:

"Overwrite protected until" - "Overwritable"

"Appendable Until" - "Not Appendable"


I found article which explains how to change the protection level. My question is different, its about the media itself.

If I remove the "none" setting from the "media management" setting and change it to "partial" the tape used this past weekend changes from being overwritable and not appendable to being overwrite protected for 5 days.

With the settings set the way they are on this backup server, the way I see it is, any media is available to be overwriten imeadiately after being written to.

Is that true?

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You  are correct.  With a global of NONE or a global of PARTIAL and OPP of 0, any job can overwrite any backup media at any time (in practice, BackupExec will use the "oldest" one it can see first.


If you want to use the same tapes or BKF files every week, set the media set OPP to 6 days, two weeks, 13 days etc

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