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Backup Exec 10d Poor Performance Issue

Created: 08 Oct 2010 | 6 comments

I have a Windows Server 2003 machine that has BE 10d installed on it.  It is version 10.1, revision 5629 (service pack 3).  The server ran great for years but lately it is having a serious performance issue and I have tried to resolve but haven't gotten very far.  I am hoping that this forum can help.

It worked great for years but now it is taking almost a week to do a full backup where it used to take a couple of hours.  I do all of my backup to removable hard drives.  On Friday morning I switch out the hard drive and take the latest copy home for safe keeping.  Friday night at 8:00 the full backup runs.  At 8:00 on all other nights an incremental backup is run.  The backup is configured to backup my file shares, exchange stores and sharepoint databases.  I also verify the backups.

About six months ago I noticed that it was taking longer and longer for the backups to complete.  I used to use an external removable hard drive with a USB2 interface.  I thought that a higher capacity connection would help so I puchased a SATA drive enclosure.  I moved about 150GB off the main drive array to an archive drive and cleaned up a bunch of files.  The first time that I ran the backup it was noticably faster (about a day and a half).  Each week since it has gotten worse and worse tothe point where it is taking over a week to backup the files.  I thought that I might have a locked file program so last week I rebooted the server before starting the backup.  This week took longer than the week before.  I also checked the throughput of the external drives.  I was able to copy 138GB of data files from the main drive array (3 500MB SATA drives with a RAID 5 configuration) in a little under 70 minutes (~33MB/sec).  I am getting about 1.3MB/sec from my backup. 

I checked the job history and a vast majority of the job time is spent backing up the data files (last week it took 150 hours to backup 476 GB of data).  The exchange, sharepoint and verify is taking very little time.  I am getting to a point where I might just write a little script to do a file copy as it is now taking over a week for the backup to run.

Any ideas for how to resolve this issue?

Please advise.


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Best Practices for using removable media and the "Backup to Disk" feature in Backup Exec for Windows Servers

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The amount of available memory will impact backup speed. Insufficient memory, improper page file settings, and a lack of available free hard disk space will cause excessive paging and slow performance.

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Not to mention, other parts of your network too..  Why blame BackupExec, when you have Exchange servers, file servers, etc that also have performance issues?  Perhaps you need to address the file data portion why doing maintenance on it?

Additionally, you are on an older non supported version of BE.  Since 10, there has been 11d, 12, 12.5, 2010, and now 2010R2.  5 MAJOR revisions behind.  

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

CraigV's picture times either a server restart, or services refresh will fix an issue...try either or, or even both and see if this resolves your issue....

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Try to identify which backup is running slow i.e. file backup, exchange or SharePoint

Currently you are taking backup on hard drive or USB?  If you are taking on USB from SATA then also it will not make much difference as USB doesn’t give that much speed. Try with taking backup on local drive of server with 25 to 50 GB data (B2D)

Check the NIC card settings on server (not sure on this just an optional)



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Test your backups to make sure they will get you back up! Because a backup failing is just as bad as failing to backup!

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If the backups are getting progressively longer, this sounds like the B2D target is getting more and more fragmented.

v11d added the feature "Allocate Max File Size" to help alleviate this problem

with v10d (now out of support, as has been mentioned above) all you can do is repeated (almost continuous) defrag of the device

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