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Backup Exec 11 to 12 Migration

Created: 31 Jul 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

Backup Exec 11d on Windows 2003 R2 Std. moving over to new hardware on Windows 2008 Std. with Backup Exec 12.  My question, how can I make sure to migrate all my jobs and catalogs from the one server to the other?  Do I need to do an in place upgrade of my 11d to migrate the catalogs folder, etc?  What are the steps?  Thanks so much in advance!

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Did you ever find an answer to this question? 

In the relatively near future, I'll be upgrading from 10d to 12, and most likely will get a new box to put 12 on.  Problem is, the old box is in the NOC, and it runs about 70+ jobs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  All the templates, selection lists, exclusions, gajillions of catalogs, logon accounts, etc have to be migrated to the new box, or it will be a mess. 

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Was this ever answered or solved as I will be performing this same process in the next month.

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This is good but if I read correctly this will work if I have two live media servers.  In my case, I'm completely rebuilding the existing media server and installing a new installation of 11D as I don't have another physical server available for this function.  Thus, I need to somehow copy all pertinant information from 11D and store it on the network and then after rebuild of server and installation of 12 restore my jobs, templates, history etc...


Note:  11D uses its own DB whereas when I install 12 I will use a SQL 2005 DB if that matters.


Can you point me somewhere?

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David if you are planning to rebuild the server whcih has BEWS 11d , then after install  BEWS 11 after rebuilding the server and replace the data and catlogs folder.

that should work

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Did you mean BEW12?




SERVERA has win 2000 with BEWS11


Will kill server which means kill install of BEWS11


Rebuild ServerA as Win 2003 and install new BEWS12 upon which I need to recover all the configuration, history etc... file.  I'm looking for process to recover into BEWS12 these files of BEWS11.