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Backup Exec 11d -> 2012 = loss of flexibility

Created: 23 Oct 2013 • Updated: 25 Oct 2013

Hi all,

I have been using Veritas 11d for 5 years and I was fed up of it, its random errror messages, problems detecting hardware,... so I decided to give a try to 2012 version. So far I find the new interface way less user friendly and practical, on top of that there is a lack of features that were present in the old version and in this version just dont exist anymore... or I cannot find them, that could also be a reason. ;)

In my company we have a HP robot with 8 slots.

We have three partitions

  • Partition 1:  1 slot  for cleaning
  • Partition 2 : 3 slots for weekly/monthly
  • Partition 3 : 4 slots for daily backup

In the past we had

  • A daily (Mon-Thurs) backup , differential, pointing to partition 2
  • A weekly backup (Fri), full, pointing to partition 3

The week tapes are taken out the last week of the month and replace for new ones.

Now with the backup exec 2012, I dont know how to create two diferent jobs for this purpose. The storage is common for all the schedules.

Should I create two different jobs per server as I had in BE 11d? as I understand, every job server backup starts with a full schedule, then you can add extra backup jobs by method... but there is no way to create a single differential backup on a server .... the only way I found is to put on hold the main schedule (the one you can not remove) and create the differential one...

do I miss something?



PS: I update my problem, I did try to create that 'virtual' differential backup job. I put on hold the main schedule and add a second differential job... the result is when I try to run the Diferential backup the job gets marked as Rule Blocked.  Any idea how to overcome this issue? see attach.

PS: well, solution was my fault as expected... hehehe... when editing the backup job, go to storage tab on the left and scroll down... you can set diferent storage for each job.... so far.. I think I am cover. :)

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