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Backup Exec 11d: Agent is not working anymore / error e0008821 / authentication problems

Created: 01 Aug 2013 • Updated: 01 Aug 2013 | 18 comments


We have problems doing backup with Backup Exec 11d (Rev.7170) and Remote Backup Agent on Windows Server 2003 since about two weeks. It seems like the agent on a remote server is not working correctly. Here's what the situation looks like:

- The backup process had been running infintely until restart of the BE services - after restarting the services the job ended with error code e0008821

- I tested the saved authetication data using the job properties. One server with backup agent installed didn't respond as expected. The status was "testing" and it did not come to an end as well. Looking at the remote server, you can see that an tcp-connection is established on port 10000. But it seems to get stuck since no data is transmitted after some point (I used a packet sniffer: the last packet seemed to contain the authetication data).

- I  removed the remote agent last night according to symantec documentation and installed it again remotely using the management console. Nothing changed. 

- Other agents are running fine. 

- Firewall is down on both servers.

I'm really running out of ideas to get it working again. So I really hope you guys have some advice on debugging or solving this issue...

Thanks a lot!!


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Re-enter the BESA's password within BE. Then go to the selection list and try to browse the servers in question and report back on whether or not this is possible.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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To add to what Craig has suggested, try to recreate the selection list as in use a new selection list.

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Hi, thanks for the quick respond. I forgot to mention that I already tried different accounts with adminsitrative rights. I also just reentered the credentials, but it doesn't work.

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@Jaydeep: When I try to create a new selection list, I cannot expand the file list on that server. The management console doesn't respond anymore after trying to expand the list. 

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Is there any event ID on that remote server about this. Also, does it have any applications that are supported by BE for backups like Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc (doesn't matter if you are backing them up or not).

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No event ID on the remote server. But it doesn't come to a timeout. The connection just keeps being established

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There is a MS SQL server installed on the remote server.

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If you are not using the SQL Agent to backup any SQL databases on that server, try to rename the bedssql2.exe in the Remote Agent Install folder on that server. Once this is done, restart the remote agent and try again.

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There is no such file...

cp. bediag.pdf

The remote server is a file server. We don't backup the SQL database.

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I renamed the bedssql2.dll, if you ment that. But that didn't make a difference.

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Try running a repair from Add and Remove programs:

1.  Close the Backup Exec application
2.  From the Windows Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features for Windows 2008/Vista/7)
3.  In the Add/Remove Programs dialog box, select Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers
4.  From the options Change/Remove, select Change
5.  The Backup Exec installation wizard will launch. Click Next to continue
6.  Select the Local Install and Repair options and then click Next
7.  Click Install to continue (Note: The repair wizard may prompt for the Backup Exec installation media)
are you fully updated with Live Updates?
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as mentioned '

- Other agents are running fine. 

- Firewall is down on both servers.

When I try to create a new selection list, I cannot expand the file list on that server. The management console doesn't respond anymore after trying to expand the list."

Do you have any Antivirus running on this server???

could you please right click on the server name in BEconsole and than select the option connect as and select the account with administrator previlleges and check if it still acts the same way, please make sure to run live update and apply latest service pack or hotfixes if left any and than update the remote agent by push installing the agent on remote server than retry.

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e0008821 means Job engine crashed during the backup and beremote service on the remote agent for job engine to respond infinitely.

Try a repair installation of backup exec .

Technical Support


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Odd thing: yesterday backup was successful but the agent test is still failing. Just for your information.

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Yesterdays backup was successful too. Maybe what I considere the reason for infinitely running the job was wrong. I restarted all agents we have in use during troubleshooting.  Btw the error e0008821 ooccurs since I have to end the be services to finish the job. 

Nevertheless the mentioned server with the agent still behaves odd. Testing the authentication data takes a really long time, but at last it's successful (takes about 5 min.). It's the same when I try to expand the tree structure of that server. So, it works, but not the way it's supposed to do. Any suggestions left to improve this behaviour?