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Backup Exec 11d e000fe36 - Corrupt data encountered

Created: 27 Sep 2012 | 4 comments


I have had my backup jobs setup and running for sometime now and recently I started getting the above error message each night.Currently each night it's different files and sometimes the system state that is flagged as "corrupt". Last night 10+ files were corrupt. Today I used Windows Backup to backup the system state with no problems noted in the log. When I used Windows Backup to backup the directory in question regarding the other corrupt files, only one file was noted as corrupt, BE said over 10 files were corrupt. I successfully opened & saved back the excel file in question so the file isn't really corrupt.

What could be going on here?

My configuration:

Windows Server 2003 R2 x86 SP2

Backup Exec 11d Rev 6235. SP3, hotfixes 35, 38, 39

Thanks for any suggestions!


PS, I'll soon be upgrading my infrastructure to Windows Server 2008 or 2012 depending on the Role & App supported and will look at upgraded to the latest BE then but for now I need to get this working reliably again. Thanks!

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Hi Greg,

what type of data are you backing up?  Have you rebooted the server recently?

If you are backing up SQL or Exchange go ahead and seperate these into different jobs and make sure you dont have Advanced Open File Option selected. 

If these are all flat files try recreating the job.


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Thanks for the note. The BE Server is a file server and the files in question are unstructured data files from Word, Excel, etc... The backup selection includes other servers but none of those servers are having problems getting backed up. The problem is just on the BE server itself. I'll recreate the job but it's odd that even Windows Backup had some issue with the system as well but to a lesser extent.


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Oh, ok, since this is also occuring on a basic Windows backup check out your Windows Event Viewer in Applications at the times the backup occurs and see if there is an error that shows another application is getting in the way of the backup.

Also, if you have any antivirus running make sure you've excluded the Backup Exec directory from the scan.  Even though the topic of the following article refers to Symantec Endpoint Protection and job rates it has some good information regarding exclutions.


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Did you turn on AOFO for your file backup jobs? If not, do so.