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Backup Exec 11D Having Issues Backing Up Oracle Archive Directories

Created: 28 Apr 2011

Hi everyone, using backup exec 11D I've been having some issued trying to get a reliable backup of our Oracle Database to tape. We have Oracle set to backup to disk via RMAN each night at 3AM and have a tape job using backup exec to backup that now created folder at 5AM. The RMAN is finished well before then but for whatever reason it completely hangs on the first file it attempts to grab from that directory. We are not using the Oracle agent for this file as it is a file not an active DB. The file's size is approximately 5GB.

The job backs up a C: drive no problem and D: drive no problem except that folder. There is no error that I see present (maybe just not looking in the right area) the job will just continue running until cancelled constantly lowering the transer rate avg as more time goes by.

Does anyone have any ideas on why Backup Exec is refusing to backup this folder? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!