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Backup Exec 12

Created: 30 May 2013 | 5 comments

I am looking for help with backup exec 12 on a win 2003 server.

I am trying to create/ amend a current backup job that is now running out of space on the current storage device, to a permanant external drive.

Is this possible and if so how is it done?

Many Thanks

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You will have to cancel the active job first. 

Once the job is canceled, thn you can

  1. Connect your external drive. (make sure it gets the same drive letter assigned each time you plug it in for a backup)
  2. Create a Backup to disk folder on that external drive.
  3. Modify the backup job properties and change the target destination to your external drive (B2D)'s picture

thanks for your response.

I can find the target destination on the original job. I am on the properties of the job within job setup. Is that correct?

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In the backup job properties, you must look in the Device & Media section. Look for a device drop down which will let you select the target device.

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Hi, go to this link for information on using a new b2d

and here is information on moving you jobs to a new location.

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First article will certainly help you create a new backup to disk folder.
Note: Since you already have a functioning backup job (assuming) with a media set. You may not need to create a new media set as the technote states at the bottom.

Second article: Changing the path of a backup to disk folder.

I recommend you don't change the path of the existing backup to disk folder. Again assuming you may have existing backup sets on it, changing the path for the exiting backup to disk folder might not allow you to restore from/access those backup sets.

Better options here is to keep the existing backup to disk folder, create a new backup to disk on the external drive and just change the backup job target device to point to the new device (i.e. the new backup to disk)