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Backup Exec 12 Is it possible to rename servers

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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In the Backup and Restore tab when I look at the servers some are name server.domain and some are named server, some are uppercase and some are lower case.  I would like to make this look consistent (this is an inplace upgrade from BE2010).  I don't see any way to edit the existing objects.  Is it possible to do this?


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In 2010 while browsing the backup selection, there was a clear difference in selecting the servers. i.e either you could select it from Domains->Active Directory Domain and it would show up using the FQDN. However, if the server was selected from Microsoft Windows Networks, it would show up using the Netbios name. In 2012 there might be a lot of reasons for this. The main are are as belows

1. How were the servers added, if the server was added using the netbios name it will sowup with that name. However, if it was added using the fqdn then thats how it should show. You could remove the server and then readd it.

2. Another thing to look at is the RemoteAgent Utility on tht remote server. See how is the server getting published. This setting is picked up from you DNS server. So you could also try to do nslookup and see how the server name shows up.

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Hi Sean Barron,

It is possible to do that; however very tricky and you might lose Job, Job history details while doing so.

You can Remove the system from BE server and add it again with the name as per the guidelines you decide.