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Backup Exec 12 - restore issue

Created: 07 Apr 2013 | 2 comments


I have backup exec 12 (not 2012!)  with an HP robotic library MSL2024.

Is it possible to do a restore in a server like structure?

For example, let's say I have a cartridge that stores full backups of several servers with the names: novostore1, novostore2, t-sap-server, sap-master, app-srv.

I want the restore job to create folders with the names ,or IP addresses, of the servers and in those folders put the data of each server (so I can easily differentiate which resource belongs to each server) ? 

I tried to restore a couple of times, with different settings, but it just restores all the folders of all the servers in the root folder that I specify in the restore job.

Your help is greatly appreciated

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Colin Weaver's picture

TBH I don't think BE is designed to do that the only way to do it is one restore job per server and specify different target folders in the redirection settings.

Kind of a rare scenario and in BE 2012's server scenatric model you can't create a restore job containing data from multiple servers anyway, which means we are unlikely to enhance the product to do that.

CraigV's picture

...only way I can think of you doing this is to create folders first with the server names, and then restore individual server data to these folders...but it will be 1 server at a time.


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