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Backup Exec 12.5 Job Hangs!

Created: 22 Sep 2013 | 5 comments

We have been using 12.5 for a while. We are just starting to have problems. The job hangs no matter what we are backing up. It will do about 100 gigs or so and basically lock up the server. There is no error or anything that occurs. The job just will not progress and you cannot cancel it. You have to power cycle the server before it will even respond. It happens from Disk to tape and Disk to Disk. 

The SQL database is on the same server as BE. I've run all the diagnostics and repaired and inspected the DB and it all looks alright. I'm not sure what happens, but once the problem happens you cannot stop the BE services and the server is basically unusuable.

Hoping for a solution to this issue... AS we have not been able to perform full backups in awhile. Really not sure what to do from here. I was thinking about repairing BE, but from the numerous threads I've read that doesn't seem to solve anything at all. The server isn't stressed when the backups are occuring as it is during the weekend and off hours...

Thank you very much.

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Nothing showing up in the job log or the Alerts tab?


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Look up in the Task Manager to see if any of the services is using up most CPU or Memory and locking up the server. Also, is Backup Exec fully patched. Run Live update and ensure that all the patches have been applied.

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Thanks for the fast reply guys. Task manager shows nothing unusual and the only thing taking up any significant resources is SQL, which stays around the normal amount that it is when its not doing a backup Job. Once it starts hanging you cannot kill any of the BE processes and cant restart any of the services. Once you try it basically locks the whole server up. 

I looked into the alert tab, there is nothing there. The only thing thats there saying an error is when the job has failed after the server has restarted. Nothing to suggest what might have caused it to freeze in the first place. I've run live update it says All symantec products are up to date. The latest hotfix I believe we have installed is Hotfix 347420. 

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What are the resources you are backing up?


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Data on 2 different storage arrays that are connectd to the backup exec server. We have drive G:, drive H: that are both in different arrays. All our arrays are Raid 6. And we try to do a system backup of the server that symantec is on and that doesnt go well either. The data on the drives will varry but its mostly image files from scanned documents.