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Backup Exec 12.5 licence/serial location

Created: 27 Aug 2013 • Updated: 28 Aug 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi All,

I've searched and read multiple threads regarding this but havn't quite gotten an answer to my issue.

I'm trying to audit our current licences against all our servers that are backedup by Backup Exec but I'm not having much success.


I understand that we require licences for certain backups.  Such as Remote Agent licence for SQL backup and RAW licence for flat files.

Currently we have a server which has Backup Exec 12.5 installed (licenced).  On this server we have setup jobs for additional 5 servers to backup flat files.

In this case we will require 5 extra RAW licences correct?  If this is the case, does each of the 5 servers store a licence/serial key which can be retrieved?  If in future I decommisioned 1 server how am I to retrieve the RAW licence so I can use it for a new Server? 

Do we simply have to manage this at our decretion?  "If you backup 5 servers make sure you have 5 licences?"


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The Licence information is saved on the Media Server. You could Go to Tools --> Install Agents and options in that wizard you should be able to view the licences that have been already installed.

Incase if you decommision 1 of the remote servers you are backing up, all you have to do is install Remote Agent on the new server that you deploy as a replacement and start backing up.

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Thanks for your response Jaydeep.

I've already looked here but I've only got 2x license keys listed here.

* Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Server

* Remote Agent for Windows and NetWare servers

By looking at these 2x serial, how am i suppose to know if i'm licenced for the additional 5x servers being backed up?


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Take the 2 numbers listed there and refer to the Paper licence that you must have when you purchased it. It will tell you the qty of each licence.

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You'd have a paper license that would have been sent to you when you first purchased BE 12.5. You can marry the licenses on that file to the # of servers in your environment.

Licensing would work as follows:

1. If you want to backup a server, you need 1 x RAWS agent.

2. If you want to backup a server with an application like Exchange, you would need that agent license. This covers a RAWS agent license, so you wouldn't need to buy a RAWS license on top of the application agent license.

In your case, if you're running 5 servers without applications, you would need to have purchased 5 x RAWS agents.

You can find besernum.xml in the location listed on the link below which will give you more of an idea of your licenses:

C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec\besernum.xml


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hi Craig,

I've also looked at the file location you mentioned and the serial keys in (C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec\besernum.xml) are the same as me checking in Tools > Install Options and License Keys on Media Server.

I've just ran a test to push/install Windows Remote Agent onto another server and it did not prompt me for a licence.  Is this meant to happen?


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All licenses for Backup Exec are installed /present on the media server. No licenses are installed on remote servers upon remote agent installs and hence there would be no prompt.

Backup Exec licensing is enforced from a legal perspective rather than a software one i.e., you can install the agents on unlimited number of remote servers (exceeding your license count) and the software would not prevent you from installing it nor running backups (though the backups itself might fail with a licensing error), however this would be breaching the license agreement.

You can consider running a tool to check how many licenses are installed vs how many resources are to be protected -

Would also recommend you to contact the licensing team to confirm how many servers are protected with the 2 serials which you have. It could be possible that one serial number is valid for one server or maybe for multiple servers as well. This info can be obtained only from the licensing team and not from the software itself. Contact Info for licensing -

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Thank you for your response, this has cleared it up for me.


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