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Backup Exec 12.5 not displaying all restore jobs correctly

Created: 21 Jan 2011 | 1 comment


I have a bit of a problem and I was hoping that someone can clarify/explain this to me:

Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 (SP3) will periodically not display correct backup/restore options. So for example:

Let’s say you do a full backup every Sunday. And every week you look at it and it is there as per Job log as having run successfully. It completed with 100% success, no exceptions and it ran for 20 hrs. It also verified the data as well. So now you have to retrieve a file from 2 weeks ago. You start the job restore and you see that there is a Sunday full backup missing for the last week. So you have the original week and then you have a “missing week” and then you have the current week. So you look and you look and you cannot find that snapshot/restore point. The Job Log says it ran 100% successful and completed no problems and there is like 700 GB of data, but you cannot see it. You can see the BKF files and see the file there but can’t retrieve a job from it. You try to reload the catalogs and nothing. The media is setup to append and delete after 2 weeks. I have spoken to Symantec support and the explanation i received is "well either someone deleted it and/or the job did not run correctly”

Now i find that like a complete BS excuse and it does not make any sense because:

I’d like to hear user’s thoughts, and hopefully a Symantec rep will look at this and help answer/clarify this mystery, because I just spent 4 hrs trying to determine what happened to my backup. No one deleted the darn file, no one touched the settings, no one tampered with the file, and no one has any reason to touch the files. It’s not like IT Sys Admin have all the time in the world and just want to delete the file and then call Symantec support to “chat” and “shoot the breeze” because we are bored, or because we want to see how “well you know your product” etc. We depend on the software performing the designated job/duty as instructed and if it cannot do that, then Dear Symantec you have a lot of problems. We need the software to perform 99% of the time and that 1% we can “let go”. If I have to worry about the Backup running backup and making sure that it’s running by double checking it, then it is not dependable and you need to fix that.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Ken Putnam's picture

Sounds to me like some other job overwrote/reused those BKF files

What is the OPP of the media set for your FULLs?

Also, for disk based backups, I would recomment NOT to use APPEND, only OVERWRITE, as all BKFs in an "append family" share a common OPP date, which is reset each time a new one closed

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