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Backup Exec 12.5 Report Creation

Created: 27 Sep 2011 • Updated: 24 Aug 2015 | 7 comments
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I have been working a project that involves inventorying & cataloging .bkf files generated with BE versions 11D & 12.5. I have been running into the E0000900 error code during catalog operations. Although I certainly need to resolve this problem for this project, my immediate question centers around this:

* Even though the majority of the media cataloging fails with the E0000900 error code, if I take a look at the Restore Tab in 12.5, I see it being populated with server names and items backed up on each server. (The restore wizard starts and it shows me the "restorable items"). Is it possible to generate a detailed report of that view that show all files backed up? (Without actually doing a restore).

* I have generated a report of "Backup Sets By Media Set", but that report doesn't show a detailed listing of files backed up.

Thanks in advance to all!!

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None of the reports will show you a list of files that were backed up.

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Dear Sir:

I understand that you have used one of the precofigured or "canned" reports, called "Backup Sets by Media Set" under the "Media" grouping.

Please note that "canned" reports are not customizable, and you can only set the options offered in particular on each report dialog.

Your only option on this case is to try and configure your own custom report.

The interface and operating mode of these custom reports is very simple, to allow administrators to build a report with the desired data very quickly, but that has a downside, which is less flexibility.

You will select "New Custom Report" by clicking on the "Custom Reports" branch of the "Reports" tree, and on the Custom Report's setting dialog, you will access "Field Selection" to choose the data columns to be included in your report.

The field selection process is very simple: there are six "groups" of fields, that you can think of tables on a spreadsheet or database (although the inner works are more complex) and you can only select fields for one group, you cannot cross reference data from one group to another.

In your case, your best bet is the "Media Group", which includes fields of data for the media as well as for the data backed up such as file names.

I do not know if you will get the exact report that you need, but you may come very close to the desired listing.

There is a small check box under the fields list, that reads "Show Advanced Fields", that will add more data columns to choose from.

Let me know please if  can be of further help.

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You can use catdump to dump the catalogs which will show the files backed up.

catdump 11d -

catdump 12 & 12.5 -

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Just to expand on PKH's comment

Depending on how much data is on the media, CATDUMP/CATTOOLS can generate HUGE files, so be prepared!

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Thanks to all of you that replied. Will check out the custom reporting and the tools referenced. I did in fact notice that the included reports are "locked".

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Greetings all,

The catdump utility for BE 12.5 appears to out to a text file but the contents are in an xml format. Unless I missed a parameter, seems to be no option output in a none xml format. Is that correct?

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Information about the parameter XML for the Catalog Dump (CATDUMP) Utility


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