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Backup Exec 12.5 Restore THIS from THAT folder

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 18 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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What I've done is probably wrong, but done out of necessity to deal with diskspace and bandwidth.

I back up an application to disk in a folder called BACKUP.  Every day, I copy the contents of BACKUP to an external drive, putting BACKUP into folders named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc etc.

I need to restore something from last Friday.  I moved the contents of BACKUP into a temp folder.  (That's the files from the latest backup.)

Then I copied the files from the external drive/Friday/BACKUP into BACKUP.

I can not get Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 to restore from the contents of BACKUP.  When I create a restore job, it shows contents of the last backup job, not the older files copied into the folder BACKUP. 

I've run an inventory on the folder BACKUP.  Restore still shows the wrong contents.

How do I get Restore to backup from the backup files I want it to use?


Thanks for any advice and instruction on how to get the files I need.


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From the above explanation of yours it looks like you have moved or copied bkf file please check below link which share some information on same why it is not recommended



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Thanks for the link.  Will print, review, and walk it up through the ranks to justify getting what we need.


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As previously advised, you should not be moving your backup sets to secondary storage.  You should be duplicating them.  However, this is water under the bridge.

To get back your backup, you would need a fresh installation of BE.  If you have a VM, then

1) load up BE in that VM

2) copy the backup sets that you want into this VM.

3) inventory and catalog the backup sets.

4) you then would be able to restore what you want.

If you do not have a VM, it gets hairy.

1) Go to the BE installation directory

2) Use BEUtility to dump the BEDB.  Keep the BEDB.BAK safe because you would need it to get back your existing configuration.

3) Use BEUtility to get a fresh copy of BEDB.

4) Stop all the BE services

5) rename the Catalog directory under the BE installation directory to Catalog.old.

6) create a new Catalog directory.

7) start up all the BE services.

8)  inventory and catalog the backup sets that you want

9) you then would be able to restore what you want.

10) stop all the BE services.

11) delete the Catalog directory and rename the Catalog.old directory to Catalog

12) restart all the BE services

13) Use BEUtility to restore the BEDB using the BEDB.BAK that you have taken in Step 2.

For the future, I would suggest that you either set up jobs to duplicate your backup sets to the external disk, or backup directly to the external disk since your internal disk does not have sufficient space.

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Hey PKH,

Thanks for the instructions.  Installed a trial version on a VM, moved the folder over, created a backup-to-file folder of that folder and inventoried.  Had a bit of an issue trying to catalog, but found reference in the error msg file that it was possible to deselect the use of catalogs.  Restore ran perfectly, and we're back up.

I wonder, however, if I could have just deselected the use of catalogs in the beginning, and may test that.