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Backup Exec 12.5 for SBS and Exchange backups

Created: 09 Jan 2013 | 3 comments

I have Backup Exec 12.5 for SBS installed on SBS 2008 and am backing up Exchange (among other things).  The Exchange backups are separate from file backups and run at a different time.  Incrementals run during the week and a full runs on the weekend.

This morning I tried to restore some individual emails from a user's mailbox because they had been permanently deleted.  However, it does not appear that we have the ability to restore individual items from mailboxes, but can only restore the entire Mailbox Database.  The Product Details of this product indicate that we should have this ability.  Even when setting up the backup we can only see the Mailbox Database and not individual mailboxes.  I have checked the Licensing Information and the Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server is installed.  Does Backup Exec for SBS need a separate agent for the mailboxes themselves?

Any help is appreciated.

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No special agent is required. But your job needs to be configured for GRT backup.

Make sure to enable GRT under the Exchange Settings:

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Stupid Question for the day:

Why is GRT grayed out when selecting Incremental backups?

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GRT backup only would be greyed out if you do  backup on tape then GRT of Incremental backup on tape is not supported and moreover to do GRT backup you have to create policy first

Once you create policy make a template for full backup first which has GRT enabled and then create second template for incremental for which GRT would be enabled too

Now back to your original question , As it looks like you have not performed GRT backup so in this case doing individual restore or mailbox or email is not possible but as you have full backup on weekend and incremental backup on weekday you can create a RSG , Once create you can restore the mailbox database with full backup and incremental backup for the date you are looking for and doing the last incremental restore check the commit option if you just want to restore from last full backup then restore database to RSG with commit option check and once restored mount the RSG and using exmerge you can restore individual items for the mailboxes you are looking for

Hope that helps



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