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Backup Exec 12.5 SBS on HyperV

Created: 06 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

Actually I am running a SBS on a HyperV machine. So therefore the tape for backups is put into an workstation running XP Pro.

I had no troubles using the test-version of BEWS 12.5 to backup my files from the server and other workstations.

I also have a license key for the SBS package as I am going to activate the Exchange server which has to be secured also. But this license refuses to run on the XP workstation (as partly expected).

How could I get my scenario running? Is there a way to get the license into the already installed BackupExec or could I run the SBS version on my Windows-SBS and access the tape through a Media Server on the XP workstation. And if so, would the SBS license cover this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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No way to share the tape drive from the XP media server to the SBS server. If you can attach the tape drive to your Hyper-V host running SBS then your problem is solved.


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Thanks for your suggestion.

Unfourtunately I don't think that the Hyper-V Server supports this, so I can not plug in (virtually) my tape drive to the server.

The device(s) I have support SATA and USB.

So the only working solution seems to be the one where the Backup Exec installation is done on the workstation.

How can I get my license into this scenario?


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It's probably not possible as it is a different OS. Only other way is to try get your licenses converted to normal BE 12.5 licenses with an Exchange agent, or reload the workstation with SBS...

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To use the SBS version BE 12.5, you need to load it onto a machine with a SBS OS.  Any other OS will not do.