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Backup Exec 12.5 seems to be skipping files when AOFO snapshot is used

Created: 26 May 2010 • Updated: 27 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have the following setup;

1 CAS running server 2003 sp2 BE 12.5 Sp2
1 managed media server (server 2008 SP2) BE 12.5 Sp2
1 backup to disk device used by the managed media server

We have 2 policies; full backup and differential backup that we push to the media server. 

After allowing both of these backups to complete, I attempted to test a restore from both media sets (differential and full), but it seems that many files are not in the restore list / tree.  It seems to have skipped particular directories as I can see 1 directory that has several GB of data missing from the catalogs.  In addition to this the total backup byte count is far smaller that it should be 30% as I have analysed the total byte count on the server.  we use the AOFO when we backup and I wonder whether this is causing this problem?

Can anybody shed any light on this issue as I have never come accross this issue before?

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pkh's picture

What are the directories affected and what are the types of files that are skipped?  BE will skip some files, like SQL databases, etc.  Are there anything in the joblogs about files being skipped?

sazz.'s picture

also are these folders DFSR as they can only be backed up under the shadonw copy components, if you try to backup them normally then it will backup sucessfully but will not backup anything and will not show in the restore

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Yes, these files are being replicated via DFSR back to a HUB server. 

I have run some further tests on this and I can confirm that BE will not backup files that exist within the DFSR replicated folders, but they can be backed up if they reside in another folder on the volume that is not protected by DFSR. 

Why would this be a problem?  How do I get around this as this is a branch server that relies on our central replication using DFSR?


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This is not the problem and this is how it is designed. To backup dfsr data open the selection list expand the shadow copy components and you should see the DFSR folders there. Backup those folders under there and it should work.