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Backup Exec 12.5 on Windows Server 2003 is not seeing new magazine on Quantum Superloader3

Created: 03 May 2013 • Updated: 03 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello forum members,

I am a novice in Backup Exec as I inherited our system from someone who retired.  I am running Backup Exec 12.5 on a Windows Server 2003 using a Quantum Superloader3 model L700.

I had a single 8 tape magazine but with some end of year money was able to acquire a second magazine which should get me from 8 tapes to 16 tapes.  However I am not able to see the new magazine in Backup Exec.  I only see the old magazine and the 8 tapes assigned to it.  How do I get the program to see the new magazine?

From the Quantum device I am able to see all 16 tapes.  I am running in Random Mode.  The device recognizes both the left and right magazines.  The BC Reader is set to Yes.  The firmware is V61.0.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to add a second magazine to an existing Backup Exec system?

Thank you.


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Have you run an inventory on the tape library?

If you have, re-install your tape library as follows:-

1) Delete the library from BE
2) Stop the media server and the library
3) Start the tape library
4) Start the media server
5) Ensure that the library and tape drive is recognised and functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager. The library should appear as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive should have a Symantec driver.
6) In BE, install the library if necessary.  Go to Tools --> Wizards ---> Device Configuration Wizard to do so.
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Make sure that both magazines are enabled via the tape library web interface, then power cycle the library.

Then restart BE services and check your adamm.log file.  You want to see an entry like this:

Number Of Slots         16

If it only says 8 slots, then the library probably isn't configured right.

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Thank you PKH and Larry Fine for your fine suggestions.  I am now able to see my second magazine.  I am not sure which solution did the trick because my experience didn't quite match your suggestions.  In the end I did run an inventory and rebooted the server a couple of times and was pleasantly surprised, no I was ecstaticly surprised when the library reported all 16 slots.

From PKH I got the idea of trying to run an Inventory something I had not done before to my recollection.  And from Larry Fine I learned about adamm.log which contains some good information.

Thank you both for your help.