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Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows servers

Created: 02 Sep 2012 | 7 comments

Hi Everyone,

Recently i created two new backup jobs for a new server.

1. Full - 560 GB

2. Diff - 40 GB

Jobs are running fine and only issue is Diff backup job runs longer than Full backup.

Info might usefull

  • I used the same selection list for both jobs.
  • Network speed 100Mbps
  • Mostly backup data bases and general files

So im looking for a way to make differential backup job faster ?

Thanks in advance..

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If you are using the archive bit method, switch to the modified time method and use the journal.  This will speed things up.  When you do the switch, you got to do a full backup before doing any more differential backups.

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Thanks for your reply,

So You are saying,

Both backup job( Full and Diff) settings has to be changed to -  Modified time method 

Then, start the backup cycle from a Full Backup 

I would love to try this, as long as this won't effect to other jobs.


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This will not affect other jobs.  Presumably you are not backig up the same files with 2 sets of jobs.

Incremental/differential backups can conceivably be longer than a full backup because each file needs to be examined to determine whether it needs ot be backed up or not.  A full backup just backs up everything without the need for further processing.

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Yes, These is a one database file(40 gb) backing up dailly (full) from a different backup job.

Let me clarify the current  situation,

job 1 - backing up only data base file in D drive - using achive bit(reset archive bit) - 

Job 2 - backing  up whole D drive -Full- using achive bit(reset archive bit)

Job 3 - backing up differential D drive - Diff using achive bit(does not  reset archive bit)

My last job 3's diff backup was 100 gb which is impossible in my environment.

After i change Job 2 and 3 - to modified time, what difference it makes?


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Hopefully, you should see an increase in the speed of your differential job.

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      What is the Back Server version(Windows) ?  

The backup job includes System state or Only folders and files?

- vicky...

- Vicky
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Thanks for your reply,

1. Backup Exec 12.5 for windows Servers

2. Its only backup files and folders.