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backup exec 2010

Created: 01 Mar 2013 • Updated: 12 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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i do computer work for a nonprofit in my business building am they have asked me to help free up space for backups.  they are currently backing up onto mirrored 2tb extrenals.  i have never used this product before am could use some information on how to free up some space.  also, i would appreciate any general advice for future use and can someone explain what a bkf file is and do i need all of them or is each bkf a seperate instance of a backup.

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A .bkf file is the file used by BE to store the backup data.  A backup can use one or more .bkf files.

To free up disk space, you can retain less data by shortening the overwrite protection period so that the .bkf files get overwritten faster.

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alright.   since i posted i found out one of the bfk recently written contains corrupt data and i am looking to delete the most recent backup.   is there a setting that i can look up to find how much data is being backed up?  i noticed that in the settings its set to keep for 4 weeks.  it is set to start no sooner than 11pm and no later than 10:59:59....or maybe it was the other way arround.  either way, between 00:02 and 14:53, 38 bkf files were created.  37 4gb bkf and 1mb bkf.  im trying to figure out which ones pertain to which backup so i can remove the most recent backup.

also, i feel slightly foolish for this, but what is the difference between the recycleable files and scratch files?

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i forgot to say thank you pkh for the information.  that was very usefull

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If you want to know which .bkf files is used by which job, take a look at the corresponding joblog.  They are listed there.  However, there is no need for you to delete the corrupted backup set unless you are short of space.  If not, leave it alone and it would be overwritten when the OPP expires.

Scratch media are media which belongs to the scratch media set.  Recyclable media are media within a non-scratch media set and the media's OPP has expired which means that they can be recycled or overwritten by a new job.