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Backup Exec 2010 And Banckup Exec System Recovery 2010 Backup Design

Created: 27 Apr 2011 • Updated: 17 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
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Dear All,

i have a question it is releated BE&BESR2010 Design

i have a project with customer have BE&BESR2010with agent for the below

- AD

- Exchange


- Sharepoint

- Oraclr 10g and 9i

i have some questions for the design

1- When and Whare i have to use BE 2010 or BESR2010

2- how i can integrate BE2010 and BESR

3- Shell i have to make backup policy for all server or configure policy for each server

4- when i can use backup to disk


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1) For just restores choose BE, for recovery choose BESR. If you want to use tape devices in your backup environment, you have to use BE because BESR can only write to disks. If you want to perform Bare Metal Restores to dissimilar hardware then BESR will be the option to choose. 

Give a read here:

2) No need to integrate BE and BESR. I dnt thnk even it's possible.

3) I prefer creating seperate policies for each individual servers. If you have large number of servers, you have to go for one policy for all similar kind of resources.

4) You can use Backup to disk for better backup rate and for staging backups also.

Just make sure that BE and BESR backup jobs will never run at once. 


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1- When and Whare i have to use BE 2010 or BESR2010

BESR is mainly meant for Disaster Recovery of a system disk, but one could also use it also for data backup in smaller environments. it is ONLY disk support.
BE one can use to do total backup or together with BESR copy RP's to tape and do a backup of all the DATA.

2- how i can integrate BE2010 and BESR .

Those are two different product , it cannot be integrated

3- Shell i have to make backup policy for all server or configure policy for each server

If you want to backup all server with same stratergy you can use the same policy . When you configure a policy you need to associate the policy to the selection list. So if your backup stratergy is same for all server you can use the same policy .

Or you can use onle selection in which you have all server and use one policy .

Ideally you create a seperate policy  for Grt backup of exchange ,AD and sharepoint

4- when i can use backup to disk

You can use backup to disk if you the throughput you get when backing up to tape is low and you have less time window for backup . Also you can run concurent backup job to disk , to run concurrent backup on tape you need multiple drive and a license for them .

Hope this helps

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Thanks now i can see the different between the two products but still i have a miss understanding...

-          "How i can use the BE and BESR in same Environments"

Let say my customer have a tape liberty with 23 slots also he wants to use BESR in the same time.

-          "How i can create policies and define backup for one product like exchange by using two different backup strategy i mean recover and restore”

for example lets apply the two backup strategy "recover and restore" for Active directory and exchange , SQL

Guys i have little experience, and somehow it is not clear for me.


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BE and BESR uses two different ways to backup the data. Both the products can work on the same machine but not at the same time. They jobs needs to be time differentiated. If jobs of both the product runs at the same time then one of them is bound to fail. Also BESR CANNOT BACKUP TO TAPES. It is a Disk based Backup software.

With BE you can backup individual applications like Exchange, AD, etc and can direct it to tapes. With BESR you can not backup individual applications. With BESR you need to backup the complete drive irrelevant of what application is installed.

So you can create a backup job in BE to backup the Exchange and AD and schedule to run in the morning.

And create a BESR job to backup your complete Drives anc schedule it to run in the evening.

This way you can avoid both the product jobs running at the same time.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Those are two independent application and not intergrated . So when configuring you jobs in Backup exec and BESR you would need to configure in such way that it does not conflict with each other .

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Dear Guys,

Thanks for your help.

Really because of you now I know the different

I have a design Please correct me if I’m mistake

If I use BE to backup exchange database and logs and at the same time use BESR with "Different Time” to back up the whole drive is it possible and how I can do practical .

I want to use all features in the two products like GRT, P2V and V2P hardware i want minimize the downtime

I have the application below please tell me where I have to use BE or ESR or Both








Share point

Oracle 10G,9i

What the best Parasites for exchange and AD


-          I have a tape liberty and san so I have to use the two product

-          I have to use the GRT for both product

-          I know BESR2010 now change to Symantec System Recovery

CraigV's picture bet Omar is to also get hold of the BE 2010 R2 Admin Guide, as this will help with your project and assist you in making some decisions too.

That way when you run into issues (if you run into issues), the forumites can then assist with that.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks but sometime it can be help...

you know if i lost you have to ask so i guess maybe someone can help.

i know thay every things i can find it in Admin Guide but i need to save the time.