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Backup Exec 2010 - Cancelling a Job

Created: 15 Dec 2011 | 6 comments


I use Backup Exec 2010. I have a problem that when a duplicate job failes and cannot cancel the job. To cancel the job I first need to cancel the job, then restart the services of backup exec, then it will cancel. I have 10 duplicate jobs and has to do this proceeders for every one of them, which is very annoying and very time consuming.

How can I fix the problem, and I can cancel my jobs just by clicking cancel???



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After you cancel a job, you should wait a while for the process to complete.  It takes time to free up resources, like rewinding the tape, etc.

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I waited for hours and still it didnt complete the cancelling!! i dont know what is wrong! but to cancel them I have to restart the services! do you have any other solution??

Thanks very much,


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I have a problem that when a duplicate job failes and cannot cancel the job

What is the error with which the duplicate fails?? And if it fails then it means its completed then why there is need to cancel it...



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Hi Sush, the error is irrelevant, it could be any. Like for example if the disk is full it cannot be completed and the 1st job will stay trying to run. Then I want to cancell, but as i said i have to stay restarting the services.

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Hi Adrian,

If any alerts related to the job you are trying to cancel are waiting for response, job may not cancel till the time you restart services. So make sure that there are no active alerts waiting for response before cancelling the job.


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Whether or not BE will cancel reasonably quickly, will take ages or in some instances may not cancel at all and requires a service reset depends on exactly what background operation is going on at the time. Basically if you cancel when something is pending a response, then the cancel operation itself may end up queued behind that response request and only take effect once the response is received. (just one scenario)

Unfortunately there are too many conditions in background processes that might block a cancel form actually taking effect in this way and because of this there will always be scenarios where a cancel requires a service interruption - obviously you should always try and cancel and wait for 10-20mins first. and we also encorurage you to look at the reasons why a cancel has become necessary and then change you back strategy to avoid the need to cancel.

Note: If you to to reset services to cancel a VMware job then you will have to go and manually remove the snapshots from ESX that will be left behind.