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Backup Exec 2010 Dedupe Performance

Created: 26 Mar 2010 • Updated: 06 Oct 2010 | 3 comments


I'm a bit disappointed by the Backup Exec 2010 dedupe performance. So I was wondering if maybe I have some kind of misconfiguration on my end or if this was normal. Here is my setup:

- Media Server: HP Proliant DL 380 G6, 1x E5530 2.4GHz (Nehalem/I7), 12GB Ram, 4x 1GBit/s teamed Network Interface.
- Server 2008 R2 x64, BE2010, all hotfixes on the server and the Remote Agent.
- The destination drive is a software-raid 1 with two iSCSI NAS. b2dtest.exe says that every test is passed.
- The backup job is a VM with AVVI, using the SAN connection mode.
- my dedupe store has 64KB data stream chunk size. Changing the chunk size (tried 4kb and 1MB) did not impact performance.

If I backup the VM to a normal B2D folder on the drive, the backup speed is around 4000MB/min. If i use a Dedupe Store on the same drive, the speed is between 500 and 800MB/min. Speeds get a lot worse when I perform a System State backup of a Server 2008 R2. Speed to dedupe is about 50MB/min, while with a regular b2d, it's around 1500MB/min.

I have reinstalled the whole box already, but the performance of the dedupe drive didn't improve. The funny thing is that during the job that runs to the dedupe store, cpu and network load are very low. Also, the byte count is very unsteady ... It goes up just by about 5MB per 5 seconds for a couple of minutes, then it jumps about 200MB per 5 seconds for a minute, before going back to being very slow.

What kind of performances do you have with your dedupe storages? and if yours are performing better, what could be the issue with mine?



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Martin_Forster's picture

i have not much experience with the dedupe store at the moment, just set ip up yesterday.
However, according to your configuration i would suggest to relocate the Dedupe Database to the local Disk of the Server. Because this additional Random IO's could really break down the performance.
A SW Raid 1 of two single drive SATA NAS cant perform well with random IO's.


fiNal's picture

hi martin

the NAS devices aren't single disks ... each of them is a raid 5 over 7 1.5TB 7.2k rpm disks.

However, I have had the time to play a bit more around with dedupe. If i have the dedupe folder on the local C drive of the Server (a raid1 with two 150GB 15k RPM SAS Disks), speeds are at around 1400mb/min. still a whole lot less than the 4000 i get with a regular b2d folder on my iSCSI Raid1. The dedupe folder on the iSCSI Raid1 clocks at around 1070mb/min.

the 15k rpm raid1 should be able to do a lot more than 1400mb/min, and iops should be quite good aswell ... So I assume that PureDisk just doesn't get any faster than this on my single cpu nehalem system... Or do you have better speeds on dedupe devices?

Martin_Forster's picture

Hi fiNal

my performance is between 1200 and 3000MB/min.
And According to perfmon, my system is idle
cpu usage ~25% (2 GHz Nehalem 12 GB RAM) and my Disk (7x1TB SATA Raid5) is also idel.
Disk Queue nearly zero.  I will try in future with parrallel jobs.

But this numbers should be taken with care because i experience some odd problems during D2T.