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Backup Exec 2010 Exchange Question

Created: 22 Apr 2010 | 7 comments


We are running Exchange 2003, I just ordered backupexec 2010 and while waiting on the hardware for the backup unit to get in I wanted to clear up a couple things. We will be installing this on Windows 2008 R2

We are switching from Netbackup. With Netbackup we ran the information store backup and it would backup the whole DB and flush out the transaction logs each full backup (don't recall if the daily backups (incremental) flushed any transaction logs or not) for disaster recovery. We then had a second backup that ran Individual Mailbox backups, so we could restore one email if needed and not the whole store.

My question is, reading the best practices for backing up exchange, it says to run a full backup with GRT enabled for individual messages to be restored. Does this perform a full store backup (in case we need it for disaster recovery) and flush out the transaction logs + allow us to do individual mail item restores? Or do I need to do the same setup as before, one backup for the whole store + transaction logs, and a separate one for the individual message to backup/restore just one item?

Second it says "Exchange 2007/2010 does not support individual mailbox backup" does that mean if we upgrade to exchange 2007 we can only do mailbox store level backups? (So in other words, we can't restore individual messages with exchange 2007?).

Thanks for your help!

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Also, just to make sure, with Netbackup when backing up the store it automatically backed up exchange transaction logs and then flushed them out. In Backup Exec, is this also automatic or do I have to tell it specifically to back them up and flush out the old ones? I could probably figure this out pretty quick in a couple test runs, but onces I bring netbackup offline the logs will fill up quick... I still remember the time I didn't realize it did that and missed 2 weeks of full backups... and exchange coming down because there was no room for the logs left :-|

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What happens with Backup Exec is that a full backup is taken of your Information Store, and once done (assuming you don't use AOFO which causes issues), it commits your logs.
GRT basically means that out of that backup you do of your Information Store, you are able to restore individual files from them. It no longer backups up each email/file individually.
From my side, I never make any changes. The defaults work for me.


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You jUst need one backup Job with Grt Enabled in the job .
This will allow you to restore the complete IS and also it would flush the log files
You can also restore individual email using the same backup set .

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That's great, easier to manage. The only other question I wasn't sure of, when it says that "Exchange 2007/2010 does not support individual mailbox backup" does that mean the only way to restore a single email is via full IS restore? Or am I missing something here?

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Hi sethz,

When you restore, it ALWAYS temporarily restores the IS to disk. Go to Tools --> Options --> Exchange and you will see C:\Temp as the folder for temporary restores.
If you don't have enough space on C:\ to do this (it depends on the full size of your IS), the restore fails.
Once it has staged temporarily to disk, it restores your single item.


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Any news here?

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