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Backup Exec 2010 - Missing Device

Created: 12 Jul 2010 | 12 comments

I have just recently installed Backup Exec 2010. I am testing this software to hopefully replace BackBone for NDMP backups to Tape.  I have a Spectralogic T50 which two drives. One drive is directly connected to the Server running Backup Exec 2010 and the other is connected to a Netapp 3020 Filer system. When I try to use one of the drives it comes up wtih "Missing Device - Missing_drv_in_ldr_90.  I have verified the drivers are installed for SCSI, taple library and Media Manager.  I have removed and readded the drives, but the one drive does not work.  When I try to write to the drive with the problem, it prompts for writable media. The media has been cleared and verified that its not locked.

I have gone through tech documents 255501, 304069 and neither of these have helped. Any ideas? Thanks

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If you are using the tape library then both the drives should be connected to the same library because it uses the robotic arm to put the tape in the drive. You can't isolate the drives from the library to connect them outside to some other server..

Also if you have 2 drives for the library then you have to purchase the LEO license because by default BE supports only 1 drive for any addition drive you have to have the LEO license.

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The library arm of the SpectraLogic itself must be zoned to both the filer and the media server .

In theory you should then be able to make one drive visible to the media server and one to the Netapp however the error message you are getting does seem to indicate that it wants to connect to a missing drive. This might be something to do with the library itself i.e. one thing we have seen in the past if is the library arm has a LUN that comes between the tape devices - or there is a gap in the sequence (i.e. 1-2-3  vs 1-2-4) then you might have problems.

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how do you zone the spectralogic for the media server? Thanks again for your help

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I am currently running the trial version of backup exec 2010, is the LEO license restricted in trial ? Is there something additional I need to install for this second drive?  Once we confirm we can use both we will be purchasing Backup Exec. Thanks for your help.

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LEO license not restricted in trial. Could you please explain as how things connected physically. How many library and drives you have and how and where are they connected. The more the information you provide it will help the people over here to answer it correctly

CraigV's picture would get a 60-day trial with the LEO license. It would only be restricted by that, not the amount of drives you could address. Once that license expired, you would have to look at purchasing it.

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I need to know if the NO FOR RESALE license fits to use more than one drive of the library. I have installed that license.

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One drive connets directly to the media server via a Fiber connection. The second drive connects directly via Fiber to our Netapp(3020 FIler). We are able to do backups with Backup Exec via the drive connected to our Netapp Filer. We are unable to do backups done to the drive directly connect to the Media Server. The media Server is a physical server running Windows 2003. 

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Is that license still enabled? If you go through to Help --> License Information and see if your trial license for the Library Expansion Option has expired.


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We installed the software a week ago, the license has not expired. Thanks. Any other suggestions?

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I try the same connection with a library Neo 2000 (Overland). The robotic and drive1 are connect to backup server and the drive2 is connect to a NetApp filer. The connections are configured in a fiber channel switch.

I think that it needs a license SSO (san share storage option) to run correcly this configuration. I don't have this license to try it.

Please, could anybody confirm it?



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You should start a new discussion so that your problem can get the attention that it deserves.  You can refer to this discussion if you want to.