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Backup Exec 2010 R2 Media Sets

Created: 24 Sep 2013 • Updated: 25 Sep 2013 | 8 comments
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I have a question regarding Media Sets for Backup Exec 2010.  When I create a backup job and set it to use a particular Media Set "LTO2" the job set to use this Media Set will often use media associated with another media set even when media from LTO2 is loaded.  The media is not write protected and the retention period has expired.  An inventory shows the target media as overwritable and the job is configured to overwrite.  Any thoughts as to why this would occour?

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Hello there,

   Go to TOOLS>>OPTIONS>>MEDIA MANAGEMENT and ensure that the Overwrite Protection Level is set to PARTIAL with prompt option unchecked. 

Also ensure that the option "Overwrite recyclable media from targeted Media set first and then scratched media" is selected.



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These settings appear to already be configured the way you described they should be.

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to make sure it uses the correct media set I recommend using partitions see:

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The behaviour that you are experiencing is by design and it is done so that your job will not fail if there is an overwritable tape in the library.  However, when you use partitions, BE will not fetch an overwritable tape from another partition in the library so in your case, your job will fail due to the lack of overwritable tape.

Check that your tape is overwritable BEFORE the start of your job.  It is of no use to the job if it is overwritable after the start of the job.

If you are sure that the tape is overwritable before the start of the job, then associate the tape with the retired media set, right-click on the tape and select delete.  This will delete it from BE.  Do a scan/inventory on the slot to import the tape back into BE.  You would then need to move it to the appropriate media set or to the scratch media.  I have had occasions when BE just simply refuse to overwrite an overwritable tape.  This is my workaround for the problem.

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It makes sense that it should write to media from other media sets when there is no overwritable media available from the target meda set.  BE does report that media from that media set which is currently in the library is overwritable and I have confirmed that the protection tabs are not in place on the tapes but the behavior of failing over to media from other media sets persists.  That seems fine as a continuity feature but not as a first course of action which is how it is currently behaving.  I will try your suggestion for a workaround to see if I can keep it from continuing to refuse to overwrite these tapes.

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Compatability issue.  LTO2 Media in an LTO4 drive.  Automatically read only.  I found this when I attempted to erase the media.  That threw an error that I could look into.  Interesting that BE still reports the media as overwriatable.  I suppose it technically is, just not in the device it currently resides.

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There is no way BE will know that a LTO4 tape drive cannot write to a LTO2 tape.  You got to set up the appropriate barcode rules to tell BE this fact.  In order to use barcode rules, your tapes need to have barcode labels.