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Backup Exec 2010 R3

Created: 04 Apr 2012 | 6 comments

I an using backup exec on a stand alone PC. I have a set of backup tapes with encryption(I have the key) i need to restore the data onto HDD, i am however getting errors as it is looking for the originating server links,unable to restore Utility partition and unable to connect to remote agent.

Is there anyway to restore data to HDD without the above complications? I need the user data from the tapes

Or restore the data to another tape but unencrypted data?

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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The tape which you have , Are they encrypted using backupexec while doing backup , If yes then while doing restore you must have to provide passphrase if you don't have one then it is not possible to restore the content without the passphrase



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Just to clarify, I have the pass phrase, I have used this and got to the stage where the inventory and catalogue has been created. When i start the restore, it results is various errors due to not being able to connect to various servers...

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If you want to restore some specific files/folders, just select them and re-direct the restore to another location.  You don't have to restore the entire machine to restore some files.

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Thank you for the replies!

The tapes I need to restore from are LT03, they did use Backup exec to backup.

I need to restore the whole tape either to a HDD, or to another tape, but this data needs to be unencrypted.

is this possible?

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Are you using the redirection option(s) in the restore job configuration as if not it will default to restoring back to the original server?

Also if you only want the HDD (File System Data) why are you selecting the Utility Parttion for restore - or are you actually trying to disaster recover a complete server?

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Apologies if my details are sketchy as i am new to Backup Exec

hen using the redirection option, i redirect to a folder on an external drive connected to the machine. it still tries to connect to the original server. are there any additional options to tick to stop it connecting to the server and restore the tape as standalone data?

I am trying to recover all the data from the tape...

i hope this is assisting you in understanding my problem