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Backup Exec 2010 R3

Created: 25 Jul 2013 | 9 comments

Good day, I work with Backup Exec 2010 R3 want to make a differential backup to Exchange 2003. The problem that the option to backup differential mode there is the option Differential-Logs. The after a full backup next backup is a differential-logs. The differential Backup only backs up a logs, in restore an individual mail box (GRT) almost impossible. Can you help me in this situation, how can I do a differential backup full database - Logs in Backup Exec 2010 R3 at exchange?

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Differential backup in exchange backs up log files which have not been backed up by full backup.

GRT is not supported from differential backup.

You can run full and incremental backup to disk to do grt restore.


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Incremental Grt backups of exchange are only supported on disk with policy based job...I.e jobs created by a policy....recomended to have same disk folder destination for full and incremental backups of exchange

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Provided the backup was done with 2010 R3 you should not have issue with doing a GRT restore of an individual mailbox item. As mentioned earlier the jobs must be a part of the same policy. Prior to R3 the backups had to target disk media but with R3 you gained the ability to target tape media as well. You should be able to perform your GRT /differential restore from disk without issue and from tape provided you have enough space to stage the full + diff

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thank you guys for help.

The recomended is a Full - Incremental for exchange, but in the backup exec 2010 R3 exist one option for incremental backup (incremental-logs), only makes the backup logs, is complicated restore an individual mail box.


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Hello nrmr,

The main difference in restoring a full backup involving differential or an incremental is described in the following link 

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Hello Imosla,

My problem not a Backup, my problem is a Restore GRT individual mailbox in exchange at backup Differential or Incremental in Backup Exec 2010 R3. Full Backup is very good very nice Backup GRT, but Incremental or Differential is complicated, only back ups a logs ( Diff and Incr).

Guys thank you for help


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       Please note that the document provided by Lmosla does address differential/incremental restores of exchange in regard to individual items "The only caveat being that the jobs must be linked by a policy  " This supports my earlier statement that you are able to perform granular restores from a differential set..... see excerpt below 

Use Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) to enable the restore of individual mailboxes, mail messages, and public folders from Information Store backups (Incremental and Differential backups supported with policy-based jobs only)

the document then goes on the detail the recomended devices for backups that use GRT in the following Link

I hope this posting was helpful