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Backup exec 2010 R3 - Error E000FEC2

Created: 10 Aug 2012 | 6 comments

I have 3 different backups that run under a policy, a daily, weekly and monthly.

The daily backup is failing for this error code but the others are working fine.

I have AOFO turned off on all backups.  The only thing that is different is that the daily is a "Differential" Backup.

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It would be better if you supply the full error message, instead of just the error code.

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Here is the error message.

Final error: 0xe000fec2 - A failure occurred accessing the SnapShot handle.
Final error category: Resource Errors
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What are you backing up and what happens if you turn on AOFO?

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The weekly and monthy backup are full backups of the data drive, which includes an SQL Database, and Exchange server.

The daily backup (which is the one that is causing a problem) is an differential backup of the same data.  The SQL and Exchange is set to do a full backup on this run.

I have not tried to turn on AOFO, but I can try that for tonight's run.  I don't think that this customer subscribes to the AOFO service though.

I will try to turn the AOFO on for tonght's run.  

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I am having a very similar issue with BE 12.5 B2D where my daily incremental is failing yet weekly full and monthly full completes successfully. Is there any anwser to this?

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Check the below Doc.


hope this posting was helpful