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Backup Exec 2010 R3 Installed on a VMware vSphere 4 (ESXi 4.1 u1)guest machine

Created: 01 Jun 2011 | 7 comments
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I am in the process of implementing BE 2010 R3 at a client but they would like BE to be installed on VMware vSphere 4 (ESXi 4.1 u1) guest machine. How feasible is this? Disk to Disk to Tape backup is required. Data will be sent to disk continuously and then sent to tape on a monthly basis. I've read there are alot of configuration issues when it comes to installing backup exec on a VM.

Any information will be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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The configuration issue is if you install BE on a Guest VM, the guest VM must see the TAPE Library in the Device Manager so that tape backups can be performed.

Its a best practice to have a "Support Contract" with Symantec...

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i can see the Drive(IBM LTO5 HH...) and the Autoloader(unknown Charger) are in the Device Manager. Also in the Software(BE 2010) there are displayed.

But the jobs hangs in Queue!

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Yes, what kind of tape unit do you have ?
If it is a FC tape unit/library it is no isseu, as you can make it visible within the VM.
If it is a direct connected device (like SCSI or SAS tape unit) it can be made visible within the VM with VMDirectPath, but you need to be sure the hardware for it is supported by Vmware !

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in den the Charger there is an SAS Drive  - IBM LTO5 HH - integrated. In the Device Manager and also in BE it´s displayed.

VMDirectPatch -> no Passtrough Devices available

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this is a really old forum query...rather stick with yours, otherwise PM the OP. Sometimes the guys post and never come back to the forums.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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There are quite stringent criteria for virtualising your media server with a tape drive.  Check this document

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Just for information Symantec have never formally tested using Physical tape devices inside a VM with Backup Exec, the information about using Adaptec cards comes purely from VMWare making a statement in their ESX 3.5 documentation that such cards are supported by them.

The original document on this subject can be found at

The Backup Exec 2010/ESX 4 document is available at

As we do not test this it means such a configuration is not a Supported Configuration, but is an Alternative Configuration - as such unless you can prove that the same tape device/library and SCSI/SAS card combination has the same problem with a physical server, Symantec are unlikely to officially support such a configuration and I woudl therefore recommend using a Physical Media Server.

For info the definition of an Alternative configuration from our Techncial Support Policy (which is publicly available) is:

Alternative Configurations: Our Licensed Software is designed to interoperate with many types of systems, applications, and hardware. Sometimes a customer may choose to use our Licensed Software in an Alternative Configuration, namely, an environment that has not been validated, approved or verified to operate with our Licensed Software or which does not support such Licensed Software or only supports limited functionality. In most cases, we do not support Alternative Configurations, and we have no obligation to provide Support Services to Licensed Software in an Alternative Configuration. Symantec makes no warranty with respect to use of Licensed Software in an Alterna­tive Configuration and any such use is at your own risk. A “Supported Configuration” might be converted into an “Alternative Configuration” where a vendor modifies one of its components that is part of the original “Supported Configuration.” As a consequence, your Licensed Software would then be operating in an Alternative Configuration. If you experience a Problem with the Licensed Software in an Alternative Configuration or if your issue deals with script that was not developed by Symantec or an authorized consulting partner, then we may ask you to reproduce the Problem in a Supported Configuration environment. Please note we have no obligation to attempt to resolve Problems that cannot be replicated in a Supported Configuration. However, if the Problem can be replicated in a “Supported Configuration,” we will investigate the Problem in that Supported Configuration and attempt to resolve it. If the Problem cannot be replicated in a Supported Configuration, then we may elect not to work on that Problem.