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Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP2 Exchange Dag Group Recovery

Created: 31 Oct 2012 • Updated: 06 Nov 2012 | 10 comments
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Hi, need a solution.

I have an Exchange 2010 Dag Group (dag.domain.lo with 4 virtual servers:

mx1 (mx1.domain.lo, mx2 (mx2.domain.lo192.168.55.22) - Database storages with RAWS installed on it.;

cas1 (cas1.domain.lo, cas2 (cas2..domain.lo - CAS Array with RAWS installed on it.

The backup job works fine, but I can't do a recovery. All recovery jobs are fail with error "The Media Server was unable to connect to remote machine cas.domain.lo on network interface Local Area Connection"

cas.domain.lo is a CNAME of cas1.domain.lo.

I think this happens because cas.domain.lo isn't published. I can't see cas.domain.lo in Remote Agent Utility on any server. How can I publish it?

sry for my eng.

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See if this applies -

Try adding the load balancer name to the hosts file on the media server & see if this name resolves to the CAS's ip address...

And in the restore job, under network & security, do verify if appropriate options are used or not...

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How can I check current RpcClientAccessServer value?

Hosts file contains all names. cas.domain.lo resolves as (cas1)

There is no network & security option in restore job.

BTW, I have a separate Exchange 2010 server and I can do Exchange Redirection restore to the exchange's administrator account only. If I try to restore to users account, it says "Final error: 0xe0000383 - Failed to log on to Microsoft Windows." Looks like usual user dont have some permissions.

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Check if the account you are using to restore is a member of the Exchange Organization Management group on this Exchange Server that you are restoring to.

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Is there any nlb involved? Try removing the nlb for testing the restore.

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It will work, I'm sure. I tested it on separate exchange server.

The problem is with CAS Array.

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So what is the configuration of the where the restore is failing. CAS Array and NLB? If Yes, try to add the host file entries of both in the hosts file of the Media Sever, restart Backup Exec Services and then attempt to restore.

Also, if there is a nlb involved, is it software or hardware?

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We don't have hardware NLB. Just a DAG group with CAS Array. Hosts file contains all names, but it didnt work.

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Please check link below which is known issue in BE 2010 the permanat fix is in BE 2012 if you are using BE 2010 then you have to remove CAS from the NLB before doing restore and add it back to NLB once restore is done but in BE 2012 you can do restore directly

Hope that helps



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