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Backup Exec 2010 R3 upgrade with CASO and SSSO

Created: 29 Dec 2011 | 5 comments

We have Backup Exec 2010 R2 installed with CASO and 10 SSSO secondary servers. We want to upgrade the servers one by one starting with the primary server over a couple of weeks.

Do we need to make the servers stand-alone before upgrading the primary server or can we leave them all connected to the primary server?

What about when we upgrade the secondary servers- do they need to be upgraded as standalone servers or can they remain connected?

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 Managing Backup Exec CASO in a large scale environment. :

Refer to upgrading CASO section in the above TN.

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I can give some practical advice on upgrading the CASO is a straight-forward upgrade of your CASO server, followed by the MMS servers.

Since you're going 1 version better, your older servers will report in to the CASO, but you MIGHT get some issues with reporting in.

From my side, I've done this on 4 occassions between version upgrades, and have had mixed rates of success with servers staying connected to the CASO during an upgrade, and being removed, upgraded, and then readded.

I've now tended to go with removing the server from the CASO first, upgrading, and then readding, and the major reason for this was sites with slow WAN links were getting issues during the upgrade of SQL Express.


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Thats good information about upgrading with CASO but what about upgrading with SSSO?

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...I'd already removed SAN SSO from the environment by the time I upgraded from 11d to BE 12.5. The reason for this was the site using SAN SSO was VM'd, including the Exchange and file/print servers which did away with the physical clusters.

I can only give you advice on the CASO upgrade.

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Rick: I couldn't find the official Symantec TN on how to do this, but refer to the website below that references this...

It has all the other necessary links, indlucing what to do in a SAN SSO environment.


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