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Backup Exec 2010莫名无法进行备份任务(Ready;No idle devices are available)

Created: 26 Feb 2013 • Updated: 26 Feb 2013 | 9 comments


但所有磁带都可以正常读取并显示容量:(All of the tape can be read and display capacity:)

而备份时找不到磁带?无法完成备份。(While the backup can not find the tape? Unable to complete the backup. ERR NO.E000E020)

已重启数次,故障依然。求助!!(Have to restart several times, the fault is still. help!!!

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In the Devices tab, click on the media server and pause and unpause it.  Also, pause and unpause the tape library.

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What error did you get during the inventory?  It should be listed in the job log.

It is normal for the job history to show "e0008214 - Library error - source location is empty." for an empty slot.

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I think you need to configure your library to report 8 characters of the barcode label to BE, not 6 characters. Also, since you are using barcode labels, do a scan, instead of an inventory.

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But it was good works before.
Maybe have other issue in it..
I’ll try to do that..Thank you pkh !!

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Reporting the full bar code is always a good idea, for a new customer.  But the length of the bar code doesn't have anything to do with the "no idle devices" situation.  I would not change the bar code length now as it will confuse everything as the new/longer bar codes will be seen as new/different tapes by BE.

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The priority is to resolve the "no idle devices" situation.

Verify that the HP MSL library is still in the "All Devices" pool.  Maybe remove it and re-add it.

Try changing the backup jobs to target the HP MSL library directly, instead of the "All Devices" pool.  Maybe the pool is corrupt in the BE database.

Try power cycling the library and BE server.

Try disabling & deleting the HP MSL library, then restart BE services to get it added back in.

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