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backup exec 2010 sbs slows serer down

Created: 30 Jun 2010

hi all,

We recently installed backup exec 2010 for small business server onto a server. The server is running windows sbs 2003, has 2gig ram, intel pentium d 3 ghz processor (dual core), 77 gig fre disk space. As soon as the software is installed the server performance becomes very poor. We have microsoft sql server 2005 running on this machine. i notice as part of the install backup exec creates an sql database. After the install the sql server process eats up about 50% cpu and most of the available memory. If i disable the backup exex sql service/ all other backup services and then restart the server it seems to run fine.

The one backup job we managed to run we had to cancel after 60 hours of running (backing up approx 180 gig of data).

Any ideas what is causing this?

Thanks for your help