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Backup Exec 2010R3SP3 mail content not restored

Created: 08 Nov 2013 | 5 comments


I encountered a nasty problem when restoring individual mails for one user. Only the subject and attachments were restored, but the content was empty. I tried this with different backup tapes, but the result was the same. As thousands of mails are involved (my user lost the entire "sent items") this is a seriuous problem. When restoring the whole "sent items", all was restored, but without content.

I am running BE2010R3 SP3 on a Windows2008R2 Enterprise server. I am using Exchange2010 SP3.

I  have been able to restore mails (GRT) since installing SP3, but this was using a tape from before the upgrade. I am not quite sure, that the upgrade has something to do with this problem. When trying this myself with my own mails, the restore is complete, with content (using a recent tape, or a tape from before the upgrade). So, I have not been able to reproduce the problem.

I got the impression (from mail sizes), that the content is on the tape, but that it is not restored, or not read in some way. I am using Outlook 2010.

Is there anyone having ideas how this can be solved? I would be most grateful!

best regards,

Luc Vandromme

system engineer

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij Brussels/Belgium

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Sorry for the silence on this post.

Exchange 2010 SP3 is supported only with BE 2010 R3 SP3. If you had performed any backups prior to this, not sure what would be the results.

Having said this, could you try to restore the data to a recovery database. See if you are able to retrive the emails this way.

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Hello Jaydeep,

Thanks for your reply!

I managed to restore mails from the users mailbox to my own mailbox. Unfortunately, the result is the same: mails are restored without their content, only subject. As explained, i have no problems with my own mailbox.So, the problem does not seem to be linked with the mailbox.

I accessed these mails also through outlook web access as well as with Outlook 2010, but the result is also the same.

Is there anything more I can do? Do you have any more suggestions how to tackle this? Do you need any more information?

Is there anyone on this forum, who has run into this as well?

Thanks in advance!

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Like I said, we need to make sure that the backups you are trying to restore from are from a supported configuration as if it is not the results can be very unexpected. There are 2 things worth trying -

Firstly, try and restore emails from one of the most recent backups for that user. This should be from a post SP3 update. See if this works, if it does not then we can open a case and have the issue investigated.

Secondly for the backups prior to SP3 update, try to restore to a recovery database in Exchange and see if the emails can be retrieved.

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I tried restoring mails from the users mailbox from yesterday'sbackup to my own mailbox. The result is still the same: i get subject and attachments, but the mailcontent itself is not restored. I verified in the users mailbox, the mails were not blank originally.
So it happens also with a backup made with Backup Exec2010R3SP3, and using Exchange 2010 SP3.

By the way, i think we acted the right way, installing the different updates and SP's. Originally, we had Backup Exec2010 R2 on the media server. First, we upgraded this to Backup Exec2010R3, afterwards, we installed SP3 for Backup Exec 2010R3. After that, a couple of days later, SP3 for Exchange2010 was applied (originally SP2 for Exchange2010 was active). 

As concerns opening a case, we are entitled to support as we pay for it.

Our address:

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij
Gulden-Vlieslaan 72
B-1060 Brussels

Do you need more info to open a case for this problem? Please let me know.

Best Regards,

Luc Vandromme

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To open a support case, you need to call the Symantec Tech Support number for your country.  Alternatively, logon to to create a support case.