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Backup Exec 2012

Created: 30 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

I am running Backup Exec for one Server that I need the data backed up on. I have validated and confirmed access with the user account that I want to run the job. I have started from scratch installing the agent via backup exec to the server that needs the agent. The agent is successfully downloaded to the needed server. I try to start the job and it goes for exactly 1 Minute and 40 seconds and then it says this. Testing the backup is successful as well. 

I have the correct Licenses as well. 


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If you are backing a server with have installed agent on it then please check few things to ensure 

1 Click on. Backup exec icon on top left and go to install option and license keys

2 When the new windows come there it will list the license you have entered there please check carefully that it has an entry for backup exec base license and one remote agent license and when you click on next you have checked the backup exec base license and remote agent 

3 If not then please import the self for remote agent license and when clicked next you would need get a box to check the license ,

4 If that remote agent license is already there then what are you exactly backing on that server like only flat file or some application like SQL ,exchange etc which will require a license key so



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Go to the Install Licence and Options section of the BE settings for your version of BE and check that the licence is properly installed.

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The License Shows here as highlighted and the Server that needs to be backed up has the Agent installed and the trust is established. 

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Unfortunately the license for agent for windows is maintainence license and what you need is license as like you have got agent for Linux.

So please add agent for windows license if you don't have contact licensing on 

18003272232 and once you get it from licensing add and continue with install

That shoul work fine after that



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