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Backup Exec 2012

Created: 27 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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If I've already missed the answer in these forums, I apoligize but here is our issue.

We recently installed a clean windows 2008 R2 server running as domain controller, DHCP, DNS, Exchange 2010 and backup exec server for a small company with only a handful of users.

After installing backup Exec 2012, we provisioned 3 1TB hard drives to be used by backup exec.  Only one of theses drives is conneceted at any given time, and the owner rotates them as if she were using tapes.  Our first 2 backup jobs completed without any issue, and the backup job ran somewhere in the neighborhood of 270MB/min.  By the third backup attempt the backup speed was down to 7MB/min entirely to slow to be useful.  Here is a little additional information.

All of these jobs were attempted on the same network connected hard drive and there is still over 500 GB of free sspace remaining.  These jobs are happening over a 100 network not gigabit.  I know that should be changed but doesn't change the fact that it worked the first two times.  AV has been excluded on what I believe are the correct folders.

Can anyone suggest anything to get me BU speed back?


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Are all these 3 jobs the same jobs?  If not, what are the differences.  Also, are they targeted to the same or different disk?

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I only have one backup scheduled so yes same backup job on all three attempts, and it is the same drive as well

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Have your tried another drive?  Also, have you tried backing up to some internal disk before trying out external disks which have a whole new set of complications?