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Backup Exec 2012

Created: 17 Jul 2012 | 14 comments

Using Backup Exec 2012 for Small business server, the attached file shwos the job setup (all defaults selected, minus full backup selected for each night instead of incremental).

The backup devices are five removable USB hard disks that have been put into a pool and all sit on different drive letters.

Problem here is drives showing as offline when switched over, is there a better way to make them appear than restarting the backup exec services? Also the time the job takes to complete is ridiculous, 14 hours plus for 300GB of data, any tips of making this job faster?

Haven't had a job pass in two weeks, since installing Sp1A. Didn't get any passes on Sp1.

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1. for the USB removable drive: the Reason for the device goes offline is the device is unplugged as the device was already in access. The USB drives are treated as normal disk storage.

For configuring Removable disk , you may choose disk solutions like RDX drives with disk catridges which can be congiured as remvable disk catridges.

2. try unchecking the checkpoint restart from the job settings -> advanced open file option.


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Sorry I may be misunderstanding, do you mean to configure the USB hard disks as removable devices? I don't get the option in the removable device list.

I'll disable check point restart and see how that goes.

Thank you.

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is this a removable RDX disk catridge if so You may configure that as removable disk catridge otherwise if it is a normal USB disk it should be configured as disk catridge and you may need to treat that as a local drive and removing them requires a service restart.

You may take look at the blog from anker tushar reply on 3rd may "

You can achieve USB swapping



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Are the storage on these USB disks defined as Disk Storage or as Disk Cartridge Devices?

If they are defined as Disk Storage, is there a Disk Storage defined for each disk or there is only one Disk Storage that is used for all the disks?  That is, is there a Disk Storage 001 for Disk 1, Disk Storage 002 for Disk 2, etc or just Disk Storage 001 for all the disks?

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Disk storage.

Each disk is seperately defined and named accordingly. The F drive is labelled disk F etc.

All defined seperately then the job pointing towards a drive pool of the disks.

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Problem here is drives showing as offline when switched over

What do you mean by switch over?  When you plug in the disks, they still show as offline?

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Exactly that, when the disks are removed from the server and then reattached they still show as offline.

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1) When you plug them in, are they showing up in Windows Explorer?

2) Did you assign specific drive letters to them?  If so, you should not have done so.  You should have let them get assigned a drive letter as needed.

3) If you did assign them with a specific drive letter, is ther another device occupying at drive letter?

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1) Yes, Windows explorer sees the drives fine.

2) All the removable disks have different drive letters, they are also added as seperate devices in backup exec, e.g. the F drive in Windows is shown as F disk to backup exec, same for G, H, I and J.

3) All devices are alone on their settings.

These devices are all added to a drive pool with the backup job pointing towards this pool.

19 Hours into the job, 300GB backed up. This is abysmally slow and as far as I can tell we've used the settings correctly and as designed.

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Disable check point restart in backup job properties and see if that helps....

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Already done, and stated above. Thanks for your help.

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Noticed a bit late that it was already suggested and by the time i thought of editing the comment, you replied to it. sad

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No problem bud, any ideas on why the backup would be taking 20+ hours for 300GB of data?

The server more than meets the minimum requirements of the program.

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With regards to the Disk remaining offline when unplugged and re-attached, if you are still experiencing this then you should log a formal support case.

Note however that if it turns out that the 3rd party drive used by the USB drives does not trigger the correct insert notification to the operating system then there may be little Symantec can do.

BTW you do not have to configure different drive letters on USB disk  (this has not been needed since backup Exec 2010 R2). Although you do need to create a different named device on each USB disk and each USB disk must have a unique identifer (we are seeing reports that some hardware vendors might be using the same identifier across all the disk of the same model)