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Backup Exec 2012 - "Agent for Applications and Databases" installation

Created: 02 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

Hi All,

I’ve recently been handed over our backup task and currently our media server which has Backup Exec 2012 installed is reporting a list of licences which have been added.

Licence added


If I view what licences is installed I can see the following are installed;

·         Agent for Linux

·         Agent for Mac

·         Backup Exec 2012

·         NDMP Option

·         Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option


My questions:

1.       After running the ‘Backup Exec License Assessment Tool’.  It detected that 1 licence is required for Agent for Application and database.  If I go ahead and select one of the ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ and install, then rerun the assessment tool, technically I should no longer be prompted for required licence right?

2.       When I attempt to install ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ by selecting ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ from the list, the next screen is greyed out and I cannot check the box ‘Agent for Application and Databases’.

Does the first screen “Review Licencses” which currently has 2 checked boxes (Backup Exec 2012 & NDMP Option) ticked mean those products are already installed and if I uncheck and continue with the setup it will be removed?

3.       Am I meant to just simply tick the box for ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ and leave the current checked boxes as is and install?  If so then it’s not working as the next screen, ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ is not available for me to check.

4.       I noticed if from the screen “Review Licencses” I uncheck the current Backup Exec 2012 (Qty 1) and select the other Backup Exec 2012 (Qty 8) then check ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ I then proceed to the next screen, ‘Agent for Application and Databases’ is now available.  Why is this happening?



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You seem to have a lot of licences which is quite unusual.  Try this

1) uninstall all your licences

2) restart all the BE services

3) install all your licences

and see whether the number of installed licences matches your paper licences.

After installing your licences, try installing the options that have licences.

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Hi pkh,

Thanks for you response.

I don't have our paper licence.  Our central database for all our Symantec licences is out of date.  I assume all these licences installed were inputted from records given from Symantec.

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From your screenshot, I suspect that the licences are recorded multiple times which is causing your problem.  You can either contact the Symantec Licencing department to get copies of your paper licences and do the procedure I have outlined earlier or log a support case to sort out your licences.