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Backup Exec 2012 Backs Up to Network Drive Once Then Fails Subseqent Times

Created: 08 May 2014 • Updated: 15 May 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a 2012 Backup Exec server, that I think has a newbie mistake. I haven't used backup exec much and I inherited it so I am trying to fix it.

All the storage devices are folders on network storage.

I have made sure they all function. When I remove the folder.cfg and the other cfg file, it works one time. Then fails until I remove them again.

I am thinking I am missing something obvious here.

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pkh's picture

On the Storage tab, are these disk storage shown as disk storage or legacy B2D? If they are the latter, then you should not be backing up to them as BE sees them as read-only.

To write to the network storage, you got to go to the Storage tab and define disk storage

VJware's picture

What errors crop up in the failed job log ? And what type of errors/warnings are logged under the event viewer - application logs ?

Colin Weaver's picture

Do you have multiple disk storage devices as subfolders on the same network (UNC) path? (i.e. \\host\share\folder1  \\host\share\folder2    etc)

Do the disk storage devices end up with an icon against them showing a pencil with a red line throught it once the jobs start to fail? (This pencil means read only and the device will remian as online but only allow restores)

This pencil might appear if you have multiple disk storage devices on the same volume which is not allowed in BE 2012.

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VJ - The error that appears is that the drive becomes unavailable.

Colin - There are multiple disk storage devices are subfolders on the same network path. Though I have yet to get the pencil error so I wasn't sure if the network path issue was the cause.

So my next question would be, if the multiple disk storage devices as subfolders on the same UNC path are not supported, would I need to create different shares entirely or would I need separate devices?

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Hi Chris

I have not tested the logic when it applies to shares, but BE 2010 R3 and earlier allowed mutliple Backup to disk folders on a single drive letter. BE 2012 blocked this logic with one of the main reasons being it was very difficult to manage the disk space if you had multiple B2D's on the same volume but with different reserve limits etc. and this caused problems.

It is possible that on a NAS:

- a share created at \\NAS\BACKUPS

- with subfolders called Storage1, Storage2, Storage3 etc would not let you use three disk storage devices with each one being setup against each storage subfolder.

BUT if you setup 3 shares as




that it would work even though Storage 1, 2 and 3 are inside the BACKUPS location on the disk array

As I have not tested this logic on shares I cannot confirm it. Note if it is this causing your problem I would expect you to see the pencil symbols as modified versions of the icons that represent the actual disk storage device with the device still reporting as Online (see attached image)

EDIT: If howeever your devices are going offline than it might be because background processes running within Backup Exec can sometimes identify remote disk storage as offline because we could not aacces the share at the time. As we have no process to continue to poll to see if it is online again, jobs would then fail. Although a restart of the Backup Exec Services (specifically Device and Media) will check if the share is online again.