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Backup Exec 2012 backup and convert to Virtual Machine

Created: 11 Jan 2014 • Updated: 24 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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Hello Symantec Experts,

I would like you ask a question.When Backup Exec 2012 convert physical server to an VM  , Does network interface in this VM keep the Static IP setting or VM's network interface will be changed to Obtain IP address as VMware converter does ?

I need the tool convert the physical server to VM with some function

  1. shutdown physical server after completely convert to VM
  2. keep all configuration about network interface ( Static IP, DNS ... )

Thank you so much

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pkh's picture

I believe that after a P2V conversion, the new VM is not booted up and all the network settings are same as the physical server

Colin Weaver's picture

This kind of scenario is affected by plug and play

Basically static IP addressing is linked to the hardware identifier of the NIC

If you restore an operating system to different hardware, plug and play kicks in and identifies the new hardware.

This new hardware will have a different identifier and therefofre not be linekd to the static IP address as this remains assigned to the hardware identifier for the NIC that is no longer present.

This means that the network cards in the restored system will end up configured with default settings ( in other words DHCP ) and you will have to manually change them. Because the old ip address is still in the registry as assigned to the original NIC you typically would also see a warning when you try to configure the new card with the old ip address because the operating system is aware that the address is already stored in it's configuration even though it is inactive.

As this is more of an OS thing than a BE thing I would expect BE and VM convertor to show the same symptoms,.

Note you would see the same thing if you shutdown a server, take the existing network card out of the server and fit a new one in (even if this new card is the same make and model as the one you removed)

khuyenht's picture

Hi Collin,

That's correct when i use vmware converter to migrate the physical server to VM. I am preparing for migrating the Domain Controller so i worry about the static IP will be changed after convert to VM. this can cause an error for my DNS service.

Could you please recommend me a solution for convert server without changing IP ?

Thanks so much.

Colin Weaver's picture

As this is an operating system limitation and not something that is controlled by the 3rd party software used to do the backup or convert operation then the only solution is ALWAYS be prepared to manually set your IP details if you have changed NIC or server hardware (and therefore ALWAYS document fully what the IP settings for any staticly assigned servers are)