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Backup Exec 2012 backup to remote location and tape

Created: 21 Mar 2013 | 4 comments


The environment consists of a central location with two BE2012 servers A and B. A is also a CASO server.

The A and B BE2012 servers backup to two local Dell DR4000 storage appliances with OST.

The backup is then duplicated over to a DR4000 in a remote site, there is one BE2012 server C in the remote location with a tape library Dell TL2000.

The initial backup to DR4000 works fine.

The duplication to the remote DR4000 works fine. Although we had to disable verification since this copied the full backup back to the central site.

The problem is to get backup to tape working.

We have bought and installed the SAS to iSCSI module for the TL2000, as this seemed to be a requirement for sharing the tape library. But still not possible to share the tape library. We have ESO license, but haven't managed to share the tape library.

The problem is that we cannot include a duplicate to tape step in the backup jobs performed by A or B. C can backup to tape, but we have to manually select backup sets in the remote DR4000 storage and the duplicate to tape. This is very time consuming and not acceptable. In 2010 it was possible to create a standalone scheduled backup to tape job, but in 2012 it is not possible. It is sadly not possible to specify a different BE2012 server for the duplicate to tape step, which would have solved our problems.

We can probably add the tape library as an iSCSI device directly to the BE2012 A and B servers, but that would require all data to be sent over the WAN link. It sort of defies the purpose of having optimized deuplication transfer between central and remote site.

Is it really impossible to use the remote C BE2012 server to backup from the DR4000 to tape?

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Colin Weaver's picture

Is Backup Exec doing the site to site duplication or are you doing it using functions of the storage system itself?

What Symantec have designed into the product is

Backup to Dedup at Site A

Duplicate of that ackup using Backup Exec from Site A to Site B's Dedup Storage (known as Optimized Duplication)

Duplicate of that backup set at site B to a tape attached to site B.

To implement this you need a CASO/MMS setup (ESO License for 2012) and you need to configure the private cloud setting against the server lcoated at Site B

Note: The above description relates to using a Backup Exec Deduplication Storage folder - PDDE. I am not sure how a 3rd party Dedup/OT device is/might beaffected   with a similar setup.

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The site duplication is done by the Dell DR4000 devices; this duplication is controlled by the Backup Exec servers with OST protocol. Should be similar to optimized duplication.

We have the licenses required, will have to test the private cloud setting.
Very little information in the BE2012 admin guide about the setting, a link to additional information would be beneficial

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Have been testing the private cloud option now,
tried to use the C BE2012 server in remote location as the private cloud server.
Followed the Backup Exec Private Cloud Services Services Planning and Deployment Guide document for Backup Exec 2012 to configure the environment.

Now :
- Backup to Dedup at Site A - works fine (as before)
- Duplicate of that ackup using Backup Exec from Site A to Site B's Dedup Storage (known as Optimized Duplication) - Works fine (as before)
- Duplicate of that backup set at site B to a tape attached to site B - No change still not possible

It is the duplicate to tape that fails, the servers in site A reports that "There are no idle devices available within the device pool to process the job on the Backup Exec server"

Fredru's picture

Should mention that backup to tape over iSCSI with shared san option works,
but that send the data in it's full form over the WAN link.
Which we are trying to avoid